Here are10 things you may not know about COTU. 
1- COTU is a 501c3. 

2. We are now entering our 16th year. Like it or not- we are still here. 

3. COTU Charlotte is currently run by two very capable women. COTU is officially expanding to Austin this year and opening a 'spaceport' in Orlando come 2019. 

4. Being extraordinarily difficult to get in at other (and diminishing) performance spaces/groups in Charlotte, COTU has been an outlet where many people who are now part of the theatre community here who got their start. Some of these have become an extraordinarily vital part of the theatre community. 

5. COTU brings those who are interested to projects that train them in various aspects of theatre. 

6. COTU is the only free theatre in Charlotte- making projects absolutely accessible to the public. It's more than that though... the theatre does everything on a small budget (entirely through donation) and we offer all of our services and equipment - free of charge. 

7. COTU does work with the homeless providing writing workshops, theatre games and team building works. 

8. A percentage of donations are given the cast and crew. 

9. As audience pools have dwindled in the past decade, COTU has brought familiar stories to interesting or "found" spaces- many of which continue to be viable performance spaces to this day- successfully tapping an audience who may not be a regular patron of the arts. Which leads me to.... 

10. COTU has put up more original works, regional & world premiers in the last 7 years than any other theatre in the state of NC. 

Support your local arts!